Kelly Brotzman, Director of Service Learning, Loyola University

As a first-time homebuyer, I needed specialized guidance and support throughout the process of searching for and purchasing my home. Sandy Duplessis provided both. She was knowledgeable, persistent, and incredibly patient. She provides a superior level of individualized attention to each client. She also taught me a lot about real estate in general which
will serve me well in the future. She went above and beyond to help me overcome all of the small obstacles which typically arise just prior to closing. I happily refer all my friends and colleagues to Sandy.

Alban De Schutter, Cardiologist

My experience with Ms. Duplessis was excellent. She was thourough, unbiased and efficient. She went beyond the call of duty to smooth the entire transaction, from showings to bidding and finally the sale. Even after the sale she continued to assist me in my move. She provided insight in the market which would have been impossible to obtain as an outsider. If I or anybody I know needs a Realtor in the greater New Orleans area, she will be unequivocally my first choice.

Kennan Y.

“The real estate market in New Orleans is dramatically different from anywhere else in the country. As a buyer, you need knowledge and expertise at the street level since the market changes from one street block to another. When I first arrived in New Orleans, because of what I have seen in the market, I decided not to buy a house. The rental market was also very challenging. Without pressuring me, Sandy steered me through this complex market with her questions, patience, diligence and expertise. I was lucky to have her as my agent to find a house for my family better than I dreamt to have in the area. She is one of those rare agents who puts your interests before hers and patiently tries to help you achieve your goals no matter what the circumstances are. Whether you are selling or buying property, hire her. It will be a very pleasant and profitable investment for your future.”

Robert Hitchens, Attorney at Law, Hitchens & Hitchens, P.A.

Sandy Duplessis met my brother and I to show us potential residence options when he moved to New Orleans. She took everything into consideration, from price range, to location, to commute for work. Sandy showed us numerous possibilities and discussed each one with us until my brother found the perfect place. I can't think of a more conscientious, hardworking Realtor in the New Orleans area. I would highly recommend Sandy Duplessis to any of my clients, friends, and relatives for any real estate needs.

Reade and Jennie Alpaugh

In the 8 months leading up to our wedding, my fiance and I decided it was time to sell his condo and buy a home. Since my fiance worked a lot, and wedding planning was taking up most of my time, I knew I needed someone I could count on. My boss recommended Sandy and within five minutes of meeting her, I was sold! She came prepared and was ready to sell our condo. While selling the condo, Sandy was completely dedicated to helping us find our new house. The guidance she offered us was fantastic. Her patience with us while we searched for the right house to buy was incredible. I would recommend Sandy to anyone who is serious about buying or selling - she is absolutely wonderful.

Lydia Molea, LyPe-Translations, Germany

Frau Duplessis ist immer hilfsbereit, bietet kompetente - sogar zweisprachige - Beratung und ist trotz Zeitverschiebung zwischen Deutschland und den USA erreichbar. So stelle ich mir Service vor! Danke!

(Ms. Duplessis is always ready to help, offers competent advice (in two languages, mind you) and is readily available despite the time difference between Germany and the USA. This is my idea of "service"! Thank you!)

Andrew M., WDSU News

A friend of mine from Atlanta needed to sell her house in New Orleans East, which was flooded during Katrina. With her living in a different city she was really concerned about finding a local Realtor that she could trust. I recommended Sandy to her. Sandy walked her through the whole process and sold her home very quickly and at a higher price than my friend had actually hoped for. She felt very comfortable with Sandy and still thanks me to this day for having put her in touch with such a great agent.

Ricky & Vivian, Bliss Homes LLC.

Sandy is one of the best Realtors we have ever worked with. We have dealt with her on seven different properties. She is very reliable and easy to get in touch with. She is one in a million!!!!